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Welcome to Graduate Medical Education (GME) at Prisma Health–Midlands and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Prisma Health, in partnership with the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and other affiliated institutions, regards medical education, graduate medical education, graduate dental education and research as an integral part of its commitment to provide patient care to all in need.

Our board of directors, administrators, faculty and staff are committed to providing its graduate medical education programs with the education, financial and human resources necessary to ensure their quality.

It is our firm belief that educating future physicians and dentists in our graduate medical and dental education programs furthers our mission of improving the physical, emotional and spiritual health of all individuals and communities that we serve; providing care with excellence and compassion; and working with others who share our fundamental commitment to improving the human condition.

We, therefore, commit ourselves to providing graduate medical education programs that enable physicians in training to develop personal, clinical and professional competence and to participate in a wide range of scholarly activities under the guidance and supervision of the faculty and staff. We further commit to conducting these programs in compliance with the Institutional and Program requirements of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, its Residency Review Committees, and the Commission on Dental Accreditation.