Resident Council Bylaws

Palmetto Health and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Resident Council Bylaws

These Bylaws shall take effect on the ninth day of January in the year 2013 and supersede all previous documents.



The official name of this organization is the Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina School of 
Medicine Resident Council. This organization will hereafter be referred to as the Resident Council. 



The purposes of this organization shall include: 

2.1 Providing a forum for Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina School of Medicine Residents 
and Fellows (hereinafter “Residents”) to communicate and exchange information on their educational 
and work environment, their programs, and other Resident issues.
2.2 Promoting quality residency education by fostering communication with the faculty, Palmetto 
Health and University of South Carolina School of Medicine Administrations (hereinafter collectively 
referred to as the “Administration”), and support staff. 
2.3 Promoting quality patient care by fostering communication with the faculty, Administration, and 
support staff. 
2.4 Providing advocacy in addressing issues and policies that affect Residents. 
2.5 Fostering communication among Residents from different residency programs.



3.1 All Residents holding an active appointment to the House Staff of Palmetto Health will be considered members of the Resident Council body.
3.2 Each member must remain in good standing to maintain membership. 



4.1 Residents of each residency program shall select a representative to the Resident Council.
4.2 The Resident Auxiliary may send a representative to the Resident Council.
4.3 The Representatives will serve as a liaison for promoting communication. 



5.1 The Officers shall consist of: the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee 
Chairman and Chairman-Elect of the Resident Council.
5.2 Any active Resident can be nominated to serve as an Officer. In the spring of each year, nominations 
for officers will be submitted. Nominees are required to submit a position statement, and the 
officers will be elected by all active Residents.
5.3 The current Vice President will oversee all elections for Officers. In the event the Vice President is a 
candidate, the President will oversee the election. In the event of a tie, a run-off will be held.
5.4 The year term of the Resident Council Officers will be for the upcoming academic year, July 1 – June 
5.5-1 President 
(a) Preside over all Resident Council Meetings.
(b) Act as a liaison between the Residents and the faculty, Administration and alumni.
(c) Attend all Graduate Medical Education Committee and Palmetto Health Richland Medical Executive Committee meetings.
(d) Serve on the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Alumni Association Board.
(e) Create Ad Hoc Committees to address and research pertinent issues. 
(f) Assist the committees and promote their development.
5.5-2 Vice-President
(a) Assume the duties of the President in his or her absence.
(b) Assume the duties of the President if the President has a conflict.
(c) Coordinate the elections of Resident Council Officers.
(d) Coordinate and oversee all Resident Council Committees.
(e) Assume the office of the President in the event of vacancy during the term.
(f) Attend all Graduate Medical Education Committee Meetings. 
5.5-3 Secretary 
(a) Keep accurate and complete minutes of Resident Council meetings and provide for the  distribution, storage and archiving of said minutes.
(b) Coordinate all communication and correspondence regarding attendance, meeting notices,  agendas and membership. 
(c) Provide the Palmetto Health PR/Marketing Coordinator with updated information for the Palmetto Health “Residents Corner” website and assist with advertisements and social media 
(d) Attend all Graduate Medical Education Committee Meetings. 
5.5-4 Treasurer 
(a) Keep a documented accounting of financial transactions of the Resident Council and to manage  this account when appropriate. 
(b) Serve as the Events Planning Committee Chair and to work closely with the Resident Auxiliary in the planning and executing of events. 
(c) Attend all Graduate Medical Education Committee Meetings. 
5.5-5 Committee Chairman 
(a) Attend all Resident Council meetings and provide an oral report of ongoing events and upcoming plans. 
(b) Fulfill duties as outlined in section 6 of their respective committee. 
5.5-6 Committee Chairman-elect 
(a) Assist Chairman with ongoing committee matters 
(b) Assume the duties of Chairman if the Chairman has a conflict. 
(c) Attend all Resident Council meetings 



6.1 Composition 
 6.1-1 The Resident Council shall consist of the four Officers, one Committee Chairman and one 
Committee Chairman-elect and one representative from each Residency program and all other 
attending members.
 (a) Each of the medical and dental residency programs will have a representative that has been selected by their respective departments in June or July each year.
 (b) The year term of the Resident Council Representatives will be for the upcoming academic year, July 1 - June 30. 
 (c) The current Vice President shall coordinate the election process. 
 (d) The Vice President of Medical Education or designee shall serve as the advisor of the Resident  Council. 
 6.1-2 Standing Committees
a) Events Planning Committee 
Purpose: to collaborate with the Resident Auxiliary to create and promote an enjoyable  community feel through resident activities. The duties of the Chairman include: 
 i. Increase activities and promote awareness of events. 
 ii. Organize and execute annual faculty and support staff awards. 
b) Community Service Committee 
Purpose: to encourage and facilitate active participation by residents in volunteer activities on 
campus and throughout the state of South Carolina. The duties of the Chairman include: 
i. Submit an agenda to the Resident Council each appointment year. 
ii. Reach out to local charities, shelters and organizations and assist with any opportunity that the committee deems fit. 
c) Quality Improvement Committee 
Purpose: to identify opportunities on the Palmetto Health campus that would provide quality health care and create an environment where physicians, allied health professionals and staff work together  in an attempt to serve as a leader in advocating high quality programs and developing resources to satisfy the needs of citizens of Richland county. 
The duties of the Chairman include: 
(a) Work with the Palmetto Health Quality Improvement teams to identify projects  that are consistent with the following goals: 
1. Safety- avoid injuries to patients from the care that is intended to help them. 
2. Effective- providing services based on scientific knowledge to those who would  benefit and refraining from services that are not .
3. Efficient- avoiding waste of equipment, supplies and energy. 
(b) Submit an agenda to the Resident Council each appointment year. 
(c) Sit on the Palmetto Health Patient Safety Council. 
(d) Research Committee 
Purpose: to promote and develop the advancement of residents in research. 
The duties of the Chairman include: 
i. Assist the Palmetto Health Research Department establish an annual Resident Research 
ii. Submit an agenda to the Resident Council each appointment year. 
(e) Auxilliary 
 Insert their bylaws here. I would like the auxiliary to be a standing committee of the Resident Council with an infrastructure of their own who attend RC meetings and work with the RC). 

6.2 Responsibilities 
 6.2-1 Conducting the business of the organization. 
 6.2-2 Acting as a forum of Resident opinion and concern. 
 6.2-3 Evaluating and investigating concerns raised by Residents. 
 6.2-4 Formulating and promoting the position of Residents in response to findings or concerns at Palmetto Health/University of South Carolina. 
 6.2-5 Making decisions for the organization. 
 6.2-6 Acting as a sounding board for the Administration and faculty in regards to policy changes. 
 6.2-7 Representing the Residents in a proper and respectful manner. 
 6.2-8 Adhering to attendance policies and obligations. 
 6.2-9 Amending organization bylaws and policies.



7.1 The Meetings of the Resident Council shall be held at least once each quarter. 
7.2 The President of the Resident Council may call for additional meetings or cancel meetings 
7.3 All meetings are open to all Residents 
7.4 Representatives and Officers are expected to attend all meetings. 
7.4-1 If a Representative is unable to make a meeting, they may choose an alternate Resident from 
their department to attend in their place.
7.4-2 Excused absences can be accepted at the discretion of the Resident Council Secretary.


8.1 Robert’s Rules of Order: Modern Edition shall serve as the official rule of parliamentary procedure  of the Resident Council. 
8.2 Quorum-For purposes of voting, a quorum will consist of a simple majority of the total number of members present. 
8.3 Each Resident Council member, with the exception of the President, shall have one vote; the  President shall vote only to break a tied vote. 
8.4 These bylaws may be amended or repealed by the Resident Council with a simple majority vote of the total number of members present.