Infectious Diseases



Conferences complement the clinical experience and provide formal training in a variety of infectious diseases topics including (but not limited to) hospital epidemiology, infection prevention, microbiology, infections in patients with major impairments of host defense, and research methodology. In addition, these conferences provide a forum to discuss up-to-date literature, controversies in infectious disease, medical errors and complications and management of complicated patients.

Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach with the assistance of public health and infectious diseases pharmacy faculty. Infectious Disease fellows and PharmD Infectious Disease residents/fellows all participate in the conference series.

Conference Series

(see sample schedules in tables below)

Didactic lectures
  • Based upon the Mandell, Douglas, and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Disease, key topics are highlighted and reviewed  by Infectious Diseases and PharmD faculty on a weekly basis 
Case Conferences
  • Weekly case-based conference in which fellows and faculty discuss current cases and controversy in infectious disease practices.  
  • Monthly conference focused on complicated HIV and hepatitis management and drug resistance. Fellows present an assigned topic for a portion of the hour, followed by a faculty member who discusses a difficult to manage HIV/hepatitis B or C case.
Journal Club
  • Monthly journal club in which a fellow and a faculty member split the hour-long conference and critque up-to-date infectious diseases-related journal articles, as well as discuss research methodology. 
Research Conferences
  • Monthly conference in which research topics are reviewed. In addition this conference is used as a forum for fellows to present their ongoing research activity for feedback from faculty and colleagues.
  • City Wide: monthly case based regional infectious diseases conference with the participation of pharmacy, public health and infectious diseases faculty. Recent data as well as outbreak literature and interesting cases are presented.
  • Infectious Diseases Society of America annual national meeting  (ID Week): all fellows have the opportunity to attend each year of their fellowship training.
  • South Carolina Infectious Disease Society (SCIDS) meeting: A bi-annual statewide infectious diseases meeting where invited key note speakers and local infectious diseases physicians present current topics. Fellows are invited to attend and have the opportunity to present their research.

Didactic (Mandell) Series

Sample schedule
Chapter(s) Topic Faculty
23, 18-19 Antimicrobial resistance and Pharmacology for the ID fellow Justo
20-23, 34 Intro to Antibiotics I- Beta lactams and quinolones (management of VISA, Allergy management)   Bookstaver
24--33, 36 Intro to Antibiotics II- Others and Drug monitoring Bookstaver
43-47 Antifungals and anti-mycobacterials Derrick
DHHS Guidelines 130 Antiretrovirals (Interactions - methadone, selection in CV risk, how to choose, when to start) Weissman
38, 39 Antivirals other than antiretrovirals Ahuja
128 Antiparasitic agents/new Drugs Bookstaver
35, 42 Management of BSI Al-Hasan
4-9, 12, 48 Immunomodulators/ Immunodeficiency Part I (not AIDS) Horvath
4-9, 12, 48 Immunomodulators/ Immunodeficiency Part II (not AIDS) Infection after TNF alpha inhibitors Horvath
  Research: Study Design (getting started) Al-Hasan


Sample schedule
Topic Faculty Presenter Fellow Presenter
HIV Overview of Resistance testing and tropism; resistance scores, primary and accessory mutations, structure of the Reverse transcriptase Castleberry Rampaul
NRTI  I (Discriminatory mutations -M184V/I, L65R,L74V,67N, 70R) NRTI II: Multi-Nucleoside RT Inhibitor Resistance Mutations (69 insertion, Q151M Complex; Accessory mutations) TAMs- M41L, D67N, K70R, L210W, T215Y/F and K219Q/E )   Foster (NRTI I)  Gill (NRTI II)
NNRTI (K103N/S/T, H, Y181C, K101P, E138K, L100I/V, G190A, V106A/M) and HIV Entry Inhibitors Sanasi Okoye
HIV PI Al-Hasan Rampaul


Sample schedule
Date Topic and Presenter
June 27, 2016
Topics: Utility of Combination Antimicrobial Therapy for Bloodstream Infections due to Enterobacteriaceae and Non-Fermenting Gram-Negative Bacilli; ASM Microbe 2016 Rehash (Conference Highlights)
Presenters: Casey Troficanto, PharmD and Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD
July 25, 2016
Topic: Update on current research projects-summer students’ projects
Presenters: Kamla Sanasi, MD
August 22, 2016
Topic: Pharmacy ID Fellow Research Project Proposals
Presenters: Alyssa Gould, PharmD and Rachel Foster, PharmD
October 18, 2016 Special Meeting – ID Week presenters practice run
November 28, 2016
Topic: ID Week Rehash (Conference Highlights)
Presenter: PharmD and MD
January 23, 2017
Topic: ID Medical Fellows Research Project Concept/Proposals
Presenters: Marlon Rampaul, Stella Okoye, Harmeet Gill
February 27, 2017
Research Skills: Endnote and automated referencing tools
Presenter: Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD