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Palmetto Health and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Pulmonary Fellowship Training Program

Welcome to the Palmetto Health Richland/University of South Carolina Fellowship Program in Pulmonary Medicine. We are a fully accredited fellowship program which began in 2007. We have a group of energetic faculty members who are trained in pulmonary, pulmonary/critical care, and sleep medicine.

Our program is close-knit. We consider fellows as junior colleagues and treat everyone in our division as a family. There are plenty of conferences scheduled weekly, as well as board reviews monthly.

The educational and clinical experience is excellent with a wide variety of procedures, including interventional pulmonary procedures. There is a wide range of pulmonary problems we encounter both inpatient and outpatient, including patients with rare interstitial lung diseases, such as lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

The venues for our training include the University Specialty Clinics – Division of Pulmonary, critical care and Sleep Medicine at 1 Medical Park, Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, Palmetto Health Richland Sleep laboratory at 3 Medical Park, and the Dorn VA Medical Center.

We have a state of the art pulmonary function testing laboratory, which includes methacholine challenge testing and cardiopulmonary stress testing at Palmetto Health Richland Department of Respiratory Therapy. In addition, there is a pulmonary function testing laboratory at the University Specialty Clinics and at the Dorn VA Medical Center.

You will be trained in the full range of Pulmonary and Critical care procedures. We have several seminars at the Palmetto Health-University of South Carolina School of Medicine Simulation Center at 15 Medical Park for additional procedural and clinical scenario training. Feel free to contact us. We are eager to show you our outstanding program.