Internal Medicine


Resident physician with patientEach academic year consists of 13 four-week blocks with the majority of time spent on inpatient wards and in the ambulatory clinic.

However, each year residents will have the opportunity to rotate through the medical intensive care unit and several electives.

Curriculum schedule

 PGY 1 

  • General medicine wards: 6 blocks 
  • Ambulatory: 3 blocks
  • Medical intensive care unit: 2 blocks
  • Electives: 2 blocks


  • General medicine wards: 3 blocks 
  • Ambulatory: 3 blocks 
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit: 2 blocks
  • Electives: 3 blocks
  • Day float: 1 block
  • Night float: 1 block


  • General medicine wards: 2 blocks
  • Ambulatory: 3 blocks
  • Electives: 5 blocks
  • Night float: 1 block
  • Day float: 1 block
  • Emergency medicine: 1 block
Primary Care Track
Our Primary Care track allows residents interested in pursuing outpatient medicine as a career the opportunity to work more frequently in an outpatient setting.  This includes more dedicated time in our Internal Medicine Clinic as well as opportunities to rotate through specialty clinics, private practices and rural sites. For this reason, those residents in the primary care track have a modified schedule compared to our categorical or prelim residents.

  • Wards: 4 blocks
  • ICU: 1 block
  • Ambulatory: 4 blocks
  • Other Primary Care Experiences: 1 block
  • Elective: 3 blocks
  • Wards: 2 blocks
  • ICU: 1 block
  • Ambulatory: 4 blocks
  • Other Primary Care Experiences: 2 blocks
  • Elective: 4 blocks
  • Wards: 2 blocks
  • Emergency Medicine: 1 block
  • Ambulatory: 4 blocks
  • Other Primary Care Experiences: 2 blocks
  • Elective: 3 blocks
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Ambulatory experience

The Internal Medicine Center functions as a Patient Centered Medical Home.  In 2015, we received certification from the NCQA as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home.  We are responsible for providing our patients with easy access and comprehensive, patient-centered care for all of their health needs.  We pride ourselves in coordinating specialty care as well as home health services. Over the course of our ambulatory experience, we learn to effectively manage acute care complaints and chronic health conditions with the highest level of quality.  We are a multidisciplinary team with in-house social workers, financial counselors, case managers, mental health professionals, and pharmacists. 

Each academic year, residents spend three 4-week blocks in our outpatient clinic. The majority of time is spent at IM Resident Clinic, but we also have the opportunity to spend half days at the VA primary care clinic and Women’s Clinic. We utilize a team-based approach to ensure patient continuity and mimic real life practice. During the elective blocks, residents also have a half day each week dedicated to their outpatient clinic.  This allows residents to provide greater continuity of care, develop meaningful relationships with their patients, and follow the progress of their patients’ treatments.

For continued learning and self study, residents will complete online ambulatory modules. Modules are completed through the Physician Education and Assessment Center website designed by Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Medicine.

Hypertension clinic

Drs. DiPette and Edwards provide oversight to our hypertension clinic, which was introduced in 2014. Dr. DiPette is a renowned expert in the field of hypertension. The clinic uses a multi-disciplinary approach to lower severe or uncontrolled blood pressure by tailoring treatment plans to each patient.

Clinic staff

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