Internal Medicine

Resident Life

Matthew Brigmon
Career Plans: Infectious Diseases
Medical School: Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia
Undergraduate: College of Charleston

Prisma Health Richland Hospital is an incredible place for residency. It offers the benefits of a university hospital program but its small size produces a collegial environment. After finishing a third of my residency, it’s evident to me that this program is continuing to set itself apart from others through constant growth. We treat a wide range of pathologies and work with a supportive faculty that is always available. Being interested in an Infectious Disease fellowship, this program is a great fit for me. Our community ranks high in rural and urban HIV populations with a diverse amount of other diseases. This has allowed me to participate in research and even publish a paper. I am more than excited to see what the future holds for me at Prisma Health–Midlands/The University of South Carolina School of Medicine.

Lee Day
Career Plans: Undecided
Medical School: USC School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Erskine College

Prisma Health–Midlands/USC was my first choice for residency, and it’s been a great experience so far. I’m undecided in my future career plans, but that is a strength of our program. I’m able to get a quality education as a general internist, learn from attendings whose primary goal is teaching, perform a broad range of procedures, and have ample research opportunities to help me decide if a fellowship is the right path. Additionally, the environment is collegial among the residents, with many of us getting together outside of work. I would certainly choose Prisma Health–Midlands/USC internal medicine program again for residency.

Malissa Wilson
Career Plans: Outpatient Medicine
Medical School: USC School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina

I chose the Prisma Health–Midlands/USC IM Residency program for several reasons including location, patient diversity, attending approachability, and resident comradery. At the completion of my intern year, I feel that my initial expectations have been far exceeded. Over the year, I have learned so much and made great friends. I have worked extremely hard but have felt supported each and every step along the way. The program has a genuine interest in the experience of its residents, both on an individual basis as well as the residency as a whole, and has continued to evolve throughout the year to meet our needs. My future career plans are still undecided however I am leaning toward outpatient general internal medicine at this time. The program has prepared me well for my future by solidifying the foundations of general internal medicine through the wards experience, promoting continued learning with board review and journal club, and providing a great outpatient clinic opportunity with continuity of care.

Recent Graduates

Stephen Elmore
Career Plans: Rheumatology
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Undergraduate: University of Georgia

I’ve never been a fan of big, over-the-top statements, but I can honestly say choosing to come to the Prisma Health–Midlands/USC IM residency was one of the best decisions of my life. During medical school, one of the cardiology fellows I worked with had just graduated from the residency and urged me to take a look at the program. What I found was a warm, friendly, and highly educational environment. From the greeters at the front desk to the nurses to the physicians in other fields, everyone here is welcoming. The patients we serve come from a wide variety of backgrounds and each case presents unique pathologies and situations to learn from. Our attendings are not just “approachable;” they are actively a part of our life here, always willing to lend a hand or advice. Finally, our residents are not just colleagues you see only at work; they’re friends who are there to offer their support whether inside the hospital or out. For me, Palmetto Health has become not just another phase in training to get through, but a home-away-from-home that has helped to lay the ground work for me to become not only a great doctor in internal medicine but hopefully a future rheumatologist as well. I hope that it can provide the same for you.

Catherine Millender
Career Plans: Pulmonary/Critical Care
Medical School: USC School of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of South Carolina Honors College

The goal of my medical career is to work as a medical intensivist in a tertiary care center. My search for a residency program was focused on finding a place where I could accomplish that goal. I rotated through the medical ICU at Prisma Health Richland as an acting intern in my fourth year of medical school. I actively participated in multidisciplinary rounds on a diverse patient population while learning from published attendings that were eager to teach state-of-the-art medical practices. I ultimately chose this program because the faculty and staff were not only excellent teachers and clinicians, but because they made me feel like family. I wanted to have them for role models for my medical career and I am fortunate to now have that opportunity.

Jesse Boodoo
Career Plans: Rheumatology
Medical School: Florida State College of Medicine
Undergraduate: University of Tampa

After my interview day, I knew this program was the best fit for me. The faculty and residents were all down to earth, easy to speak with and all seemed to be genuinely happy. I knew I wanted a smaller program where I could get to know everyone and also get the hands on experience I needed to be a great internist. Having faculty and staff you can call any time of day, residents that you enjoy working with, a supportive hospital system, and a diverse patient population is the best recipe for a great program. If I had to do it all over again, this program would again be my number one choice.

India Holloway
Career Plans: Outpatient Medicine
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine
Undergraduate: Emory University

I chose Prisma Health–Midlands/USC residency program because of its supportive and encouraging environment. I've had an awesome experience and would definitely choose this program again. I've had the opportunity to explore several interests through a variety of electives and have decided to go into general medicine. This program has equally prepared me for a career in both primary care and hospital medicine. From the training I have received, I feel confident that I could successfully practice in any hospital or clinic in the country.