Preventive Medicine

Stephanie Lee, MD

The South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA) recently profiled our own Dr. Lee in their membership newsletter, MedNews. She is currently serving on the SCMA Board of Trustees.:

Physician in the Spotlight:
Dr. Stephanie Lee

 1) What is your job title? Please tell us about your job. I’m currently a preventive Medicine resident with Prisma Health Midlands-University of South Carolina School of Medicine. As a part of my training, I rotate through different departments at DHEC and obtain a Master in Public Health degree at USC. I also moonlight as an urgent care pediatrician. 

2) What is something that you love about your job? It’s been fascinating learning about population health and the different issues that come with public health work versus individual clinical care. I’ve enjoyed gaining a new perspective on how to practice healthcare implementation on a broader scale. 

3) What drew you to the medical field? Medicine is the best field in my opinion because you get to help people daily, while using your intellect and detective skills to diagnose and treat health problems. 

4) How has your membership in SCMA been beneficial to your career so far? One of my passions is health communication, both in practice and research. This past summer, I worked with ABC News reporting on health news for their TV and online audiences and this year, I became a general media spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics. Currently, I am researching social media messaging on alternative tobacco products and HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. 

6) What three words would you use to describe yourself?  Compassionate. Driven. Advocate. 

- SCMA MedNews, Feb. 2019 edition

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