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Message from the Chairman

A career in surgery provides a lifetime of rewards and enables a physician to offer patients critical interventions to change their lives for the better.  There is no more rewarding aspect of medicine than the provision of surgical care for a person in need.  Surgical care involves a wide range of specialties and opportunities for those in training, from and each of these offer differing experiences for physician and patient.  

Our training program is designed to provide a strong exposure to the breadth of surgery with increasing independence and responsibility through the years of training.  Along with a committed surgical faculty, we provide our trainees with a wide exposure to all aspects of surgery and are dedicated to completing well-prepared surgeons for either a career in general surgery or continuation of training in a surgical specialty.
In addition to training competent surgeons, we also focus on the educational process and want our fully trained surgeons to be facile in understanding surgical literature, critically evaluating surgical papers, and we expect our trainees to be capable of performing, completing and documenting research projects.   As in healthcare overall, a focus on quality and improvement are critical aspects of surgical training and education.  We view quality improvement and innovation as key components in being successful professionally, and want our graduates to constantly seek to improve both themselves and the surgical care we as surgeons provide for our patients.
We look forward to meeting you and speaking with you, and we hope you will get an opportunity to see what an excellent training program we provide.   

Julian Kim, MD
Chair, Department of Surgery