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Surgery Residency Overview

Our surgical training program at Prisma Health–Midlands and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine Columbia provides an exceptional medical education program. We provide in-depth, hands-on clinical opportunities for that provide a consistent, real-world experience, helping to improve learning and retention. Because we understand the important role we play in training future surgeons, our expertly trained faculty builds a trusting relationship with residents to ensure their success as competent, compassionate clinicians. Our individualized approach to training enables each doctor-in-training to excel and fulfill his/her greatest potential as physicians and  surgeons.

Goals for surgical resident education:

  • To provide an educational environment enabling each resident to reach his or her maximum potential as a doctor and surgeon
  • To assist the resident's maturation into a dedicated health professional committed to the improvement of the global health of the community
  • To encourage academic growth and intellectual curiosity
  • To hone educational skills for independent, life-long learning
  • To foster an understanding of basic science and clinical research
  • To provide fundamental education in the field of general surgery from which a surgeon may 1) enter the private practice arena with confidence, 2) pursue further specialty training or 3) enter academic surgery at the high level of performance expected of a board-certified specialist

Individual requirements for successful completion:

  • Highly motivated and intelligent physicians forming the resident staff
  • A commitment to accepting responsibility for one's own education
  • An adequate volume and diverse spectrum of surgical disease generally encountered in general surgical practice
  • State-of-the-art medical facilities
  • A dedicated faculty committed to developing a standard of excellence in patient care, education and research
  • Sufficient exposure to surgical specialties to produce a well-rounded general surgeon